Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine

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Universal Grinding Machine

Body and all slides are made of high grade cast iron, duly seasoned, rigid & Strong enough to prevent dislortion & wear. Guide ways are Precision hand scraped/ground to match the corresponding surface of slides etc.

Table slide is hydraulically operated and the cross-slide is hydromecanically operated. Quick hydraulic retraction and forward movement of cross-slide is provided. The cut is taken by hand to avoid any damage to work piece and grinding wheel.

Work head is swivelling type to grind angular as well as conical jobs. The work spindle has been designed to suit live centre as well as dead centre grining

The machine is fully installed with electric motors, switch gears and wiring, normally arranged to suit the supply ol 4O01M0V.3 Phase AC, 50 Cycles.

Available Models


Maximum Grinding Length500/600mm
Maximum Height of Centres130 mm
Maximum Swing over bed259 mm
M aximum grinding diameter100 mm
Table feedHydraulic, infinitely variable
Range of the table Feed per minute0.05/1-5 m/min
Maximum table swivel.7 °+ 3° = 10°
Hydraulic power motor.75 Kw
Workhead Swivel on either side90° towards wheelhead & 30° away from wheelhead for all models
Workspindle speeds4
Workspindle speeds range65, 140, 205 & 300 RPM
Workhead motor0.37 Kw.
Taper in workspindleNo. 3 Morse
Taper in tailspindleNo. 3 Morse
To and fro swivel of wheelhead at base60° towards workhead & 45° towards tailstock for all models
Transverse movement of wheelhead max125 mm
Size of grinding wheel.354 x 40 x 127 mm
Min. dia of worn out wheel.205 mm
RPM of grinding wheel.1750/2000
Wheelhead motor.2.2Kw.
Max. & Min. dia of hole for grinding.50 to 18 mm
Min. & Max. dia of lnternal grinding wheel.12 to 40 mm
Motor for internal attachment..75 Kw.
coolant pump motor.0.07 Kw
Approximate gross weight with packing.2400/2500 Kg