Hydralic Surface Grinding machine


Raman Surface Grinding Machine

The Structure :

The machine is built of heavy duty high grade cast iron. Base is built of hand scraped to achieve fine tolerance & accura"y. n""lprocatiop table provide V & Flat (guide) ways lining with TURCITE - B for easy movement.

Wheel Head

Wheel head spindle hardned & ground, runs with precision angular'contact bearings with imported greece to have long trouble free service and driven by frange mounted motor through flexible couPlings.

The Microfeed system

Wheel head - slide movement right side in the base. Wheel head feed least count in 0.01 mm and microfeed least count in 0.002 mm'

Available Models


Working Surface of the table225 X 450mm
Maximum height from table to grinding wheel 275 mm
Verticle feed least count0.01 mm
Cross feed least count0.05 mm
Spindle speed 2800 rpm
Size of Grinding wheel200 X 13 X 31.75 mm
Magnetic chuck(recommended) 200 X 450 mm
Electric Motor 0.75 kw / 1 hp
3ph / 2800 rpm