Raman Shaping Machines

  • Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder


Technical Features

Duly seasoned alloyed high duty castings
sturdy construction to ensure vibration free working
Ram allignment with taper jib strip
Extension lubrication arrangement
Alloy steels shafts
All alignments maintined as per geometric alignment test IS:2310-1963
Universal / fixed table with variable automatic feeds on horizantal traverse
Expanding ring type clutch drive in all geared machines to eliminate slippage
Graduated tool slide swivelling 90 degrees either way
Interchangeability of parts ensured through standard disation and quality control.
Accuracy and performance guaranteed.

Available Models


A- Capacity 18”
Length of Ram Stroke 457MM
Length of Ram 991
Length of width of ram bearing 686 x 273
Max. & Min. distance from table ram 381 x83
Working surface of table 457 x 305
Max. Table travel horizontal 483
Max. Table travel Vertical 305
Angular movement of table on either sides 60L 60 R
C- Tool Head
Max. Vertical travel of tools slide 152
Maximum Swivel of Tool head 60L 60 R
D- Speed & FEEDS
Range of Ram speeds 4
Stroke per minute 16,32,64,96
Dia of motor pulley 70
Range of tool head feed Hand Feed
Automatic tool head feed & Tool lifting On Order
E- Drive electrical Equipments
Power Supply 1HP (1.5kw)
Speed RPM 1440 RPM
F-Overall Dimensions & WEight
Length 1580
Width 948
Height 1400